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20th April 2008: Another break in updating the site, but with a number of recent requests for more information in how my training is going and a recent return from my fourth time representing New Zealand at the World XC Champs I will hopefully follow through with some regular updates this winter season. On my return to NZ three weeks ago I have been receiving treatment for an achilles/calf strain which I aggravated during the World Champs in Edinburgh. At the direction of one of the specialist I have seen this weekend I started back running this morning. Despite some pain in my achilles I managed to complete 30 mins with Scott Ferguson and am looking forward to some more treatment this week and a slow increase in my volume. I will get some pics up this week from my trip away and also try to fill in some gaps from my results over the past season.

10th November 2007: I am about to head off for the Round the Bridges road race in Hamilton. I am feeling very strong in training and am looking forward to using this race as a test to see where I am at with five weeks till Zatopek. This week I have been a bit tired and sore after my first track session in spikes, which although expected has meant that I have had to be careful towards the end of the week to make sure I am recovering well. The favourite for the race will be Rowan Hooper, another New Balance runner, who placed Second at the National XC Champs in Dunedin in August. You can check out results and information about the race on the Round the Bridges website.

5th November 2007: Well, since my last update I have worked my way into some good solid training. With some solid mileage through September. I placed 4th on my Lap at the National Road Relay in Timaru in early October and was then straight into specific build-up for the Zatopek Classic 10,000m in December. The past four weeks have gone to plan with some consistent aerobic-threshold type training and back up over 100 miles per week which I have not been near in over 2 1/2 years. This week I start some harder sessions on the track although nothing will be too fast yet as there is over five weeks till Melbourne.

10th August 2007: Following from my 5th placing at the National XC Champs in Dunedin last week I have taken off to Thailand for two weeks to relax and take a short break from training before I am back into things on my return. Belinda and I are staying at Kata Beach in Phuket and have been making the most of the strong dollar with daily foot massages (just what I needed) and lots of awsome food. I have been running on the beach in the mornings (just short jogs - this is a break remember!) which is helping building some strength in my feet and ankles which I have been lacking. One more week to go and still lots more to see and plenty more massages to get.

5th August 2007: Well, now is as good a time as any to get updated again. I have been trying to think a little less about my running over the past couple of months. This has included a lack of impetus to post anything on here, only running once per day, and unfortunately failing to fill in my training diary at all. That said, I have been training very well and am healthy and training hard as I head out of the cross-country season and into a brief road season. My next major focus is on the 10,000m at the Zatopek Classic meeting in Melbourne in December and leading into there I hope to subject myself to some ridiculously hard training and some equivalently hard racing.

20th May 2007: The past three weeks have been going well with consistent daily running and limited intensity. I ran a 2km lap for the winning Scottish A team at the Shaw Baton Relay on the 5th of May and then a 4km lap at the Varsity Relays on the 19th, where Scottish won again. These races have been a good introduction to some faster training while the majority of my mileage has stayed at a comfortable pace. Last week I included one steady-state run which felt very good with my weekly mileage finishing at 145km. This week will be much the same with a small increase in mileage and still only the one steady-state run although I am trying to do some more core/gym strengthening work over the next few weeks before I get into the bigger races.

30th April 2007: I am now five weeks back into Winter base training and things are going well. For the first few weeks I have been having one day per week in the pool and trying to limit the intensity on all of my training runs as much as possible. Last week I finally started to feel like I was starting to relax into things quite well and the next couple of weeks I will push my mileage up towards 150km and will also be involved in some minor local XC relays as I get into some harder training.

Track Season Wrap-up 2007: Well, I finished my track season with a disappointing mile in Wanganui on the 17th of March. I placed 10th in 4:14. Following from this race I took a much needed two week rest from running. I do tend to get a bit bored when I am not running, but this short break felt really good as my body had been struggling with workouts and races since late January. Overall, I was happy with my return to the track with Seasons Best's of 3:45 (1500m), 8:11 (3000m) and 14:26 (5000m). Next year I hope to be able to handle the racing a little better and maybe get back into setting some new PB's.

16th March 2007: Another week of mostly easy running which included an informal (Read: Handtimed) 800m on Tuesday night. The 800m went well considering the heavy rain that we ran in. I ran 1:55.1 to finish slightly ahead of Juniors Dan Wallis and Terefe Ejigu. This was a good blowout prior to the Mayoral Mile on Saturday where I would be hoping to go through the 800m mark in about 2:00. My achilles injury is still impacting on my ability to run smoothly, but I am hopeful that things will feel alright for the race tomorrow.

9th March 2007: I was interviewed on RadioSport on Thursday night, but unfortunately the recording is no longer available to hear on RadioSport..

5th March 2007: The 5000m at Nationals went to plan with a win in 14:26 and a bit more confidence going into the last couple of races of the season. Unfortunately Phil Costley withdrew with an injury which left a good battle for the title between Luke Hurring and myself. Luke and I both lead significant portions of the race with a final sprint in the last lap which saw me run a 59 second final lap. My body is very sore after the race and the past two days have been very tough just getting through easy sessions. I am hoping to run an 800m next week in the lead in to the Mayoral Mile on the 17th, but the key thing is for me to hold off the few niggles that are making training difficult.

28th February 2007: I raced over 2000m on Saturday and although I felt very tired (3 races in 7 days will do that) I was still happy to finish it and be another step along with my season. I only have three more races planned and then a much needed break. My achilles that has been bothering me for several months is still a problem and with the regular racing the rest of my body is starting to feel the effects of my first full track season in a couple of years. I have withdrawn from the 1500m at the National Champs - unfortunately this year changes to the programme no longer allow for an athlete to run both the 5000m and 1500m. I am hoping to run well in the 5000m on Sunday morning against Phil Costley and Paul Hamblyn and am even hopeful for a fast time.

22nd February 2007: A few quick updates from the past two weeks. I placed second in the 3000m at the Capital Classic in Wellington on the 10th of Feb, running 8:11. I was happy with this performance as I was very unsure where my training was at. On the 16th of Feb I got married to Belinda, hence the reason for a lack of recent updates. On Sunday the 18th I won the Round The Bays run in Wellington which I used as a warm-up for the 1500m at the IAAF Permit Meeting in Christchurch on the 21st. In the 1500m I placed third, running 3:45.9 which I was very happy with considering my less than ideal build-up. This sets me up well for the National Championships in Inglewood next weekend for which I am entered in both the 1500m and the 5000m.

5th February 2007: I had a really good training session at Newtown park on Saturday (3rd) but then struggled through a 90 minute run on Sunday as my achilles played up again. I will be looking carefuly at training this week and may have to consider having a day off if things don't improve. One hard and one easy track session planned for this week as I have my first big race this weekend in the 3000m at the Capital Classic meeting in Wellington. This meet is part of the Athletics New Zealand Black Singlet series and should be a good night of athletics with many of NZ's stars competing.

2nd February 2007: Training is still going well although as I am doing more on the track my right achilles tendon and calf is getting worse. I have been having some problems with it since November, and although it is yet to prevent me from training, it is starting to make some sessions very painful. I have been to see my chiropractor and will also be getting a massage next week to allow me to keep training and preparing for the upcoming races.

24th January 2007: Another good week underway. I have recovered from a tough weekend of racing and training and yesterday I completed a really good session on the track. I did 4 x 1000m and hit them all in 2:43 or under - which is significantly better than what I had been doing in previous weeks, or in the build-up to Zatopek in December. I felt really strong in the session and I am now getting some more confidence as I get into some faster sessions and closer to some bigger races. I am doing some of my track sessions with Dan Wallis and Scott Fergusson which helps when it is windy, and it also helps to keep an even pace during workouts.

21st January 2007: This weekend I had a 1500m race at Newtown Park in Wellington and although my finishing time (3:55) was my slowest 1500m in almost five years, I was still reasonably happy with how it went. My interval training over the past couple of weeks has not been extremely fast and with some strong winds on Saturday I know that as the season progresses I will run a lot faster. After the 1500m I helped pace Terefe Ejigu from my Wellington Scottish club for a 10,000m. He was trying to run under 31 minutes to qualify for the World Junior Cross Country Champs but unfortunately missed this time due to the strong winds. This was a great workout for me and followed with a good two hour run on Sunday I am really starting to feel strong in training.

15th January 2007: Another really good week with my interval times coming down steadily each week and finally some sun helping to make things a little more pleasant for track training. Still managed a two hour run the past couple of weeks and am sitting around 135km. This weekend I am having a race over 1500m which should give me a good indication of how the training is going.

10th January 2007: I am now working out on the track twice each week and still trying to fit a tempo-run in if the body allows. To get my legs used to doing some fast track work again I am easing into things with a short interval session (400's) and a long interval session (800's) each week. I am still trying to keep my mileage as high as possible to allow the option of running some longer races (5000m+) later in the season if I feel like it.

1st January 2007: A new year and a fresh start to things on here. The last few months my training has been going well and I have had a nice break from this site while I concentrated on work, training and NZRun.com. But, now I'm back and you can look forward to updates throughout the 2007 track season as I plan to get some racing in after almost two years since my last full track season (last year I only ran two races due to injury).



13th August 2006: Yesterday I ran the last leg of the Bays Relay for the Scottish Senior Mens team. We had had a great battle through the race with the Wellington Harrier A Team and the Scottish Juniors. My team had all run well and kept in close contact with me passing the two leading teams in the final km to win by a small margin. Sunday saw 13 runners out for a long run around the bays, with a core of Scottish runners joined by others from Wellington Harriers, Olympic Harriers. I hope that this week will see me back into my normal training routine with an easy workout to help me prepare for the couple of road races coming up.

10th August 2006: Nationals went well despite being a little disappointed with my 9th place finish in the Senior Mens 12km event. It was a very tough course and some top competition showed up my lack of racing form. I was pleased to hang on to the main bunch until 9km where I dropped away quite quickly. Although I was very tired after the race my body seems to have handled the stress well. ON the Sunday morning after the race I joined a few of the Wellington team and we went for a wet and cold run on the trails around Mt Taranaki. I love running on these trails whenever I am up in the area, but this time our run was cut short as the trails turned to rivers and our feet almost froze. I hope to get some pics from the run up soon.

2nd August 2006: About ten days ago the calf injury I suffered in June began to play up again. I am now back running after almost a week off training and hopefully this time I have put this annoying injury behind me. I am back up to one hour per day and still intend to compete in the National XC Champs in Stratford this weekend in the hope that I have still maintained my strength through the break. Over the past weekend I also caught up with Greg Lautenslager who is the author of a new book, Following the Flame, about a fictional distance runner. I will be getting a copy of this book this weekend and will review it for others who might be interested in also purchasing a copy.

17th July 2006: Well, the steady training has paid off with a win over the weekend in the Wellington XC Champs. I am really happy with such a good performance considering how good Glenn Hughes and others have been running and my lack of 'faster' workouts. I am really confident with how things have been going with training and I am now looking forward to several more weeks of the same steady tempo in training. I will slowly increase the intensity of some sessions, but generally will still be focussed on managing the volume at a similar level.

10th July 2006: I am now back up over 100 miles per week and have started doing some steady sessions. On Saturday I did my first tempo-run and it went better than I had anticipated. As I had made sure I didn't push it too hard I recovered well from the session and will do another steady run on Tuesday night as I try to maintain my mileage through the next couple of weeks.

3rd July 2006: Two weeks of good training now without any time off for my calf and things seem to be back on track. This week I will be back to where I was four weeks ago when I first strained my calf so I will be starting into some slightly faster running over the next couple of weeks. I am still mostly focused on just maintaining some consistency in my volume which will be a key factor in how my body handles the mileage over the next few weeks and the racing over the next couple of months. I am looking forward to finally getting a race in in two weeks at the Wellington XC Champs.

18th June 2006: I started back running on Saturday after a week off and although my calf is still quite stiff, all of the rest and massage throughout the week have got it to a point where I can resume training. My legs are a bit tired after two days running, but the main thing is that I am not limping or favouring my injured calf too much. I will take things easy for a couple of days before pushing too long, or going too quick. I will be training by myself for a while now just to make sure I am not pushing things too hard too quickly.

11th June 2006: Well, in only a few days things have gone a little down hill. I strained my calf while training on Tuesday and took a couple of rest days at the end of the week to help it recover. I mistakenly decided to run in the Dorne Cup on Saturday and aggravated the injury even more. I will now have another couple of days off to allow the necessary healing and will hopefully be back into normal training by next weekend. This is very frustrating as I was just starting to feel very good in training, but luckily I still have plenty of time before the National XC Champs in August.

5th June 2006: Training is going really well now and I am about to start moving into some workouts and faster training in the next couple of weeks. I am now over 100 miles per week and my body and feet are handling the mileage fine. I am back into a regular routine with a weekly massage and with some good training partners I am in a good routine with most of my training sessions. This weekend I will be running in the Dorne Cup X-C in Wellington and was hoping to compete in the National 4km X-C Champs the following week but have been unable to enter and will now have to miss this event.

22nd May 2006: Another good weeks training done and I am happy to have survived the longer run last Sunday and my body is all intact and feeling good. I am now running twice a day three days a week and will be up to 170km next week. This week I am still planning on a pretty cruisy week with a slightly up-tempo session on Tuesday night. On Sunday I joined in with the Scottish triple peaks event and ran a solid two hours ten minutes, so again this week I will be careful with my mileage and intensity.

15th May 2006: I was just over 85 miles last week and everything is still going well, except for a sore ankle which I twisted at the Shaw Baton Relay last weekend. On Sunday I ended up running for 2 hours 45 minutes and surprisingly felt great running on Monday afternoon. I am happy to be recovering well from my longer runs and am looking forward to the next couple of weeks as I start into some twice-a-day training. I will be by-passing the Varsity Relays this weekend as I am concerned that I may aggravate my foot running on the uneven ground.

10th May 2006: Last weekend I anchored my Wellington Scottish team to a win in the Shaw Baton Relay despite being well off form for racing. I have come out of this race feeling very good and have now had another good weeks training. My mileage is still increasing slowly and I hope to be close to 160km within a week or two. Just easy training for the next week and a half before I have a bit more racing fun by jumping in the University Relays for Scottish.

30th April 2006: In the past two weeks everything has been going really well. I am now over 75 miles per week with two hours + on Sundays and my feet and legs are starting to adjust well to the increase in mileage and the gradual increase in speed. I have still been running easy every day and have been mostly training with Glenn Hughes and Scott Fergusson. This weekend I will join my Scottish Athletics team and run a leg of the local Shaw Baton relays. I love this event and I am looking forward to getting back into some competition despite still building up my mileage.

16th April 2006:Another good week of training and finally everything is starting to feel comfortable. I am running for an hour on most days and have now run over 90 minutes the past two Sunday's. My feet are starting to feel a lot better although my injured toe is still sore at times when I am running off-road. Last week I had a good run with Michael and Nicole Aish while they were in Wellington briefly, and on Sunday Nick Willis joined myself and seven others for a good run around Wellington.

6th April 2006: Almost two weeks back running now and this week I have pushed my distances out quite a bit. I am now running for over an hour, although I am having an easy day or day off when needed. My toe I hurt in January is still causing some difficulty, but generally my body is slowly getting used to running again. Today was the first day that I actually felt comfortable at the end of my run and gave me a little more motivation to keep plodding away.

31st March 2006: Training is coming along well. I am up to 35 minutes already and despite my legs being very achey, my feet are doing very good. I have been doing five minutes more each day which seems to be working OK for now, but I will probably ease back in a day or two to let things recover a little. On the IAAF website there is an article about athletes who have competed in both the short and long course events at the same World XC Championships. I have done this three times and have been mentioned as one of only three athletes.

25th March 2006: Tonight I went out for my first run in over six weeks. I only did ten minutes as I don't want to push things too quickly. I am feeling fit from the swimming and cycling I have been doing, but my body will take a while to adjust back to running. After my run tonight I sat down and watched Nick Willis win the 1500m Gold Medal at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. It was a great to see three New Zealander's running in the final and it was certainly big motivation for me to get fit and racing again.

20th March 2006: My foot seems to be feeling a lot better over the past couple of days and I am planning to start running at the end of this week. It will still be a while before I am training hard, but it will be great just to get back running in preparation for the cross country season which is on it's way.

13th March 2006: Since the swim race last week I have been sick and have stayed away from any cross-training. Today was my first day back in the water, although I was swimming alone which hopefully is an indication that my regular training group is getting healthy and starting to get back into running. My foot is still quite sore but I am still confident that another couple of weeks rest from running will allow it to heal properly.

6th March 2006: Yesterday I competed in my first swimming race. It was a 1.25km swim from Days Bay wharf to Eastbourne wharf in the Wellington Harbour. I placed 17th overall, a short distance ahead of Steve Willis and Glenn Hughes who were also doing their first swimming race. It was a completely different experience from running races, but I enjoyed it thoroughly and hope to do a bit more swimming while I am not able to run. Results on www.Wharf2Wharf.org.nz

28th February 2006: My cross-training is going well with alternate days of cycling and swimming. I am doing a swimming race in the Wellington Harbour this coming weekend which has kept me motivated with the swimming training. I have had a couple of others to swim in the harbour with but am really looking forward to getting back into running. My foot is still a little sore so it will probably be late March before I am back in my running shoes.

17th February 2006: Last weekend I was able to watch the Mayoral Mile in Wanganui and witness Nick Willis run 3:52 for the mile. I was hoping to have been in this race, but it was pretty cool to be in the stands and get to watch the race unfold. This weekend I will be watching the Wellington track and field champs and then on Sunday, the finish of the Round the Bays race as it comes passed my house. For the past two weeks I have giving my foot some time to heal, but this week I will start back into some rehab and begin to prepare for being back in my running shoes in about four weeks.

10th February 2006: Apologies for the site being unavailable over the past two days. The host server has been experiencing some problems. Hopefully the problems are all resolved.

8th February 2006: I went to see the sports doctor today to get some more advice on my toe which seemed to be getting more painful. X-rays showed I have two small pieces of bone which have chipped away from where my big toe attaches to my left foot. The doctor has recommended 5-6 weeks off my feet, which will hopefully still allow me plenty of time to get back into training ready for cross-country.

2nd February 2006: My tumble when running last week has caused more damage than originally thought. I managed to hurt one of my toes, unfortunately it was the one I had surgery on ten years ago. It is now very sore and has meant that I have had to also withdraw from the Australian Nationals this weekend and will probably mean that I will not be racing again until the cross-country season. It is a very disappointing way to end my season, especially after some less than satisfactory results, but it will give me plenty of time to prepare for a good cross-country season.