• Rees James Buck
  • D.O.B:19th May 1976
  • Hometown: Wellington, New Zealand
  • High School: Wellington College
  • University: Western State College of Colorado: BA,Clin.Psy.
  • Wow, this site has been around for three years now and my running has come a long way since then. This site was originally set up to allow my family and friends to follow my progress as I competed in the UK in 2003. Since then the site has attracted an international audience and has allowed me to stay in contact with many other athletes across New Zealand and around the world.

    Now back to the start:

    I first began running competitively in the late 80's and early 90's while attending Wellington College. My first coach while at Wellington College was Neville Paul who guided my development until I left for the USA on an athletic scholarship in 1994.

    While in secondary school I won the National U18 3000m title and competed at a high level in events ranging from track to cross country and was selected as a member of the New Zealand Secondary Schools cross country and track and field teams. In the USA I attended Western State College of Colorado on an athletic scholarship. I spent five years there completing a double major in Clinical Psychology and Sociology while competing at a high level for my University cross-country and track teams.

    Since returning to New Zealand in the year 2000, I spent two seasons trying to improve over 5000m and struggling with injuries, before concentrating on the 800m and 1500m. I travelled around Europe in June of 2002 and 2003 competing in a range of meets in the UK, Germany and Spain and lowered my personal bests over 800m and 1500m significantly.

    In February of 2003 I won my first Senior National title, over 3000m, which helped secure a place in the New Zealand cross country team to compete at the World Cross Country Champs in Lausanne, Switzerland in March, where I placed 45th and 59th in the 4km and 12km events.

    In late 2003 Robbie Johnston began assisting with my coaching, with my training and racing focus returning to the 5000m with success. In early 2004 I retained the National 3000m title and again represented New Zealand at the World Cross Country Championships, this time in Belgium. The European season in 2004 was a very good one for me with personal best performances over 3000m and 5000m and a number of consistent performances over 1500m.

    In February 2004 I retained the National 3000m Title and capped off a successful track season with a personal best over 5000m at the Melbourne GP in Australia. In March I again competed for New Zealand at the World Cross Country Champs, in both the 4km and 12km events, held in St Galmier, France.

    2005 has so far been a big year for me with my incusion in the New Zealand Academy of Sport carding system and sponsorship from New Balance. The Academy of Sport carding programme assists in many areas of sport development, including sports science and sports medicine and has been especially useful over the past couple of months. My sponsorship with New Balance has been great so far and I am looking forward to building a strong relationship in the coming seasons.

    The current chapter has me returning to fitness after a significant period away from running while I allowed a serious foot injury to recover. This injury forced me to miss the European season but has allowed me to focus on the strength and conditioning work which had been neglected over the years, and also to re-focus on my goals leading into 2006.