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VO2 Max Test - November 4th 2003

Testing conducted by Dr Alan Walmsley, Dr David Rowlands and Rhys Thorpe. More information on these three can be found on the MY TEAM page. The testing took place at the Massey University Sports Science Centre in Wellington.

David prepared me for the blood sampling to be done during the Lactate Testing phase of this testing. I had a needle placed in my right arm through which they would take blood samples to test for levels of blood lactate, the by-product of non-aerobic work.

Pre-Test Phase

I then warmed up on the treadmill for 10 minutes. This allowed me time to familiarise myself on the new treadmill, while all of the equipment was checked.

Warm-Up Phase

Next was the VO2 Max test. Very simply, there is a computer attached to my breathing apparatus which is determining my oxygen consumption during the test. Through a series of speed and incline progressions on the treadmill I was run to complete fatigue and the point at which my oxygen consumption was the highest was recorded. I then had a 10 minute break to recover before we began the Lactate sampling. The time, speed and incline adjustments for the VO2 Max Testing Phase were as follows:

  • 2 minutes = 12 kph
  • 2 minutes = 14 kph
  • 2 minutes = 16 kph
  • 2 minutes = 18 kph
  • 2 minutes = 20 kph
  • 1 minutes = 20 kph + 1% incline
  • 1 minutes = 20 kph + 2% incline
  • 1 minutes = 20 kph + 3% incline
  • 1 minutes = 20 kph + 4% incline
  • 17 seconds = 20 kph + 5% incline (Phase finished)
Test Phase

This second Phase of testing was aimed at measuring the lactate level in my blood and the speed at which I was most efficiently removing the lactate by-products. The protocol is similar to the first phase although each stage is longer and the test runs until all the appropriate data has been collected, not until complete fatigue as in the first phase. The time, speed and incline adjustments for the Lactate Testing Phase were as follows

  • 4 minutes = 12 kph
  • 4 minutes = 14 kph
  • 4 minutes = 16 kph
  • 4 minutes = 18 kph
  • 4 minutes = 20 kph
  • 4 minutes = 20 kph + 2% incline (Phase finished)
Lactate Test Blood Sampling

The testing team carefully analysing things while the test was underway.

Testing Team

During this test I was also filmed. A portion of the film taken was used for a detailed analysis of my foot plant in order to help isolate areas of concern and direct efforts on correcting any issues.

The results from the VO2 Max and Lactate testing will be useful in determining appropriate training intensities and also in gauging future physiological changes.